Web - What's New

The following are new or enhanced features in the Field View web application in 2017-R4.

Simplified Process for Adding a Project to a Device

You can now manage devices from the new web application. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Admin Centre / Devices. You can view the list of devices for the project, add new ones, and deactivate devices.

Click the Add New Device button. Enter as much information about the device as you want. The Device Name is now automatically generated to ensure that it is unique and can’t be changed. Click Save to generate a device enrollment code that is valid for 7 days.

From the device, add a new project and tap the Scan Enrollment QR Code button. The device automatically starts to sync. Once the sync is finished, the enrollment is complete and you can access the project on the device.

Add Links to Form Templates

You can now embed hyperlinks within form templates, including links directly to Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) documents. Links appear in forms, both on the web and on mobile devices, allowing you to link information that will help the person complete the form. You should only select publicly available links. From the form designer, click Insert Hyperlink.
Note: A mobile device must have an internet connection to access links.

  • Hyperlink URL – Enter the URL you want to link to and click Test Link to check that you have correctly entered the URL.
  • VFP Document – Click to link to a VFP document instead of a URL. Browse to and select the VFP document to link to. You must have entered your VFP credentials in Field View to use this option.
  • Hyperlink Text – Enter text you want to display instead of the URL.
  • Display in Report – Leave this check box selected to show the hyperlink in the form report.

Better Control of Form Versions on Projects

You now have more insight and control of which form versions are used on projects. Assign to all Projects now shows the projects where the form is currently assigned and the version number of the form. If the form template has sub forms with new versions, you can now select the Include Updated Sub Forms check box to update to the latest versions of the sub forms.

Additional Enhancements

  • Click the link to VfP in the header to open Viewpoint For Projects directly from Field View.
  • Form Reports layouts have been modified due to the font size increasing in the last release. Tables should no longer wrap unnecessarily. (ClearView #66568, 66562)