Web Fixes

The following fixes are available in the Field View web application in 2017-R4.

Table 1.
Fix Description ClearView #
New Web
Fixed an issue where the Target Date on forms was showing 01/01/0001.
Fixed an issue where when you try to switch to a project in another business unit, the project never opens.
Dashboard report widgets that show columns now show column labels properly.
Fixed an issue where the second page of a form did not display when a group contains a page break. 66616
When forms are distributed automatically overnight, the PDFs now include hyperlinks to attached documents. 66644
The hyperlinks on the Tasks Report to the Task Information Report now work properly. 66781
Fixed an issue where the permissions for processes are not applied. 66207
Fixed an issue where a form template was incorrectly opening as read-only. 66658
Fixed an issue with the Process Percentage Complete report widget not displaying data when the process steps were assigned to sub locations. 66691
Fixed an issue where a signature in a table did not display the person’s name correctly on the form PDF. 66696
Fixed an issue where an organization is unable to edit a form that has been issued to it using the Issued to question. 66742
The Task Type Description now correctly displays the project task name in the Tasks tab.
When you click through the Overdue report widget, the counts in the widget and on the grid now match.
The Task Report now shows all selected task types as expected when exported to PDF.
Fixed the footer on the Form Report so that the text does not overlap the logo, page number, or date. 66829
Classic Web
Distribution lists now update as expected at the project level when they have been edited on the business unit. 64777
Business user invitations now only show invitations from the current business unit. 66669
Fixed an issue where the Save and New button was available when you edited a static row in the form designer. 66631
An error no longer occurs when you copy a form template to create a new template while using Internet Explorer. 66679