What's New 2018-R3

The third release for 2018 delivers photo stamping for mobile as well as new APIs, fixes and page load speed improvements for the web.

Photo stamping for mobile

Stamp date, time, and GPS coordinates on photos. This feature prevents critical information from being edited or lost as it’s permanently burned into the image. You can apply the setting on a project-by-project basis.

For details, see Enable Photo Stamping.

Website performance improvements

The web page load time has been dramatically improved. You can now work faster in all pages except for those within the "FV Classic" menu.

New APIs

  • Form instances. Create and pre-populate simple forms with third-party data via API. For details, see AddForm()
  • Tasks and Assets. Easily extract attachment, document, photo and comment data from project Tasks and Assets via API. For Task APIs, see Tasks Services. For Assets APIs, see Asset Services

Fixes and stability improvements

A focus on fixes has improved stability and performance.