Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
Re-arranging tasks on a BU Process caused it to crash. 62518
The additional pages function for packages did not function correctly. 62764
After viewing a Process Task with a BU Package, other Process Tasks that did not have a Business Unit Package assigned to them incorrectly displayed one. 63510
Form report timed out before generating the report. 65554
A library task that did not have a task type could not be edited. 65594
If an apostrophe was present in a question, the question could not be moved in design mode. 65625
The Form Data fields matching dashboard information did not match up. The dashboard widget returned the wrong Field. 65644
Certain fields were not visible in the "Edit Workflow Template" dialog. 65685
In some cases, users had visibility of more tasks than they had permissions to view via the dashboard. 66884
Setting permissions so that a user cannot see audit trails on tasks incorrectly allowed users to run report status audit trail. 66952
In some cases, "Oops" errors appeared when adding questions in form designer. 67084
When exporting a list of workflow templates from Field View to Excel, the Template Name column was blank. 67099
Process Signoff Sheets did not generate forms in the New Web view of Field View. 67540
Creating a new organisation through the Packages window in Chrome incorrectly caused the window to disappear. 67800
The Workflow template incorrecly displayed only 50 statuses. Any statuses in excess of 50 were added but did not display. In addition those status lists in excess of 50 could not be exported to Excel. 67835
The Assign Process to Geometry window incorrectly displayed only less that 50 processes at one time. 67965
After selecting locations for the Barcode and QR code report, the selection was ignored in the final report. 67971
Planned/Start finish dates only showed the first 50 items of the imported list, regardless of what it was set to display. 67984
An issue with mandatory fields in form tables prevented a form status change. 68294
In some cases, Field View did not allows you to sign off a process due to multiple forms being associated to the process task. 68302
In some cases, Field View did not allow you to change the status of forms within the New Web view. 68366
Field View did not allow you to add or remove trade to packages using check boxes in the Packages window on the Business Packages page. (Related to issue 67566.) 68382
Running a task report in the New Web view resulted in an error message. 68436