Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
When adding a package, if you clicked the magnifying glass icon to search for packages, any packages beyond the first 49 did not display in the Select Package dialog, and could not be selected. 62764
When a form template name exceeded the maximum chararcters, certain report links to that form did not open the form. 63904
For the Classic Field View, if a process task included a "+" character, in the Process > Details page, right-click options for that task did not work as expected. 65103
When assigning a form to a project, and using the Distribution List dialog, the Add Project People option did not allow you to select a Status for the person being added. 65553
In Mozilla Firefox, fields in the Edit Workfow Template dialog did not appear as expected. 65685
In some cases, in the Form Designer page, when creating form question that are used for analysis or are searchable, the "Oops" error appeared. 67084
In some cases, assigning a process to a location or assets using the Choose Classification dialog did not work as expected. 67345
In some cases, in the new Field View, photos could not be deleted from a form as expected. 67583
In some cases, in the Form Designer page, when adding a predefined answer, the "Oops" error appeared. 67626
In the new Field View, switching between two projects with the same name in different organizations did not work as expected. 67834
In some cases, entering information in a form text field resulted in duplicate answers being created in the form. 67869
When adding more than one comment in a form, in some cases, the original comment did not save to the server and would disappear from the form. 68020
After moving a process task from one folder to another, the New Field View did not display the correct location of the process. 68021
In the New Field View, the option to distribute a form and select a distribution list did not work as expected. 68022
In some cases, in the New Field View, the Process Summary did not load completely. 68317
In the New Field View, when creating a form, photo questions placed in a logical question group were unresponsive. 68346
In some cases, when a form status was final, the status could not be changed again to allow for additional editing. 68367
A process task with an associated or required form did not raise the required form when the task was completed. 68389
In the New Field View viewing task reports with the filters "All Non-Complete" and Issued "To: PAD Contractors" applied resulted in errors. 68462
In some cases, the number of Field View reported a different number of forms for a project depending on whether the project was viewed in the Classic Field View or the New Field View. 68475
Uploading document attachments to a process task in the New Field View did not work as expected. 68507
In the Classic Field View, from the People Setup Summary page, the Edit Specific Roles option did not work as expected. 68549
After copying a project, the user who copied the project could not access the new project as expected. 68765
An API query became unresponsive after calling GetProjectTasksList and GetProjectFormsList. 68788
When accessing Field View with Chrome, following an upgrade, Field View did not load as expected. 69107
Deleting a form in the New Field View did not work as expected. 69237
If a process geometry was added to more than 100 locations, the Assign Process to Geometry page did not display all the entries. 69321
If a user was selected in a form, and then removed from the project, the details of the user no longer appeared in the form. 69328
When signing a form, Field View did not display the the project organisation of the person signing the form. 69347
This release improves how Field View data is imported into some third party applications. 69531
In the New Field View, downloading attachments from Form Questions did not work as expected. 69627
In Classic Field View, saving changes to business process tasks did not work as expected. 69654