Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
Using the Field View web application to delete an image from a form did not work as expected. 65265
In the new Field View web application, saving a task associated with a form after modifying it redirected you to the list of tasks instead of the form your task was associated with. 65778
Dashboard widgets did not display data correctly if using a task type with more than one version. 67581
In some cases, attempting to remove a drawing from a location failed and resulted in an error message even if there were no tasks or other items associated with the location. 67688
In some cases, when trying to preview a form template, the "Oops" error appeared. 67756
The task SCurve widget did not allow you to create an "Issued By" filter. 67876
In the new Field View web application, applying too many filters when generating a Forms report would result in a "404 - File or directory not found" error page. 68000
Table descriptions did not display when viewing a form in the new Field View. 68098
The new Field View Task SCurve widget showed closed tasks in red instead of green. 68853
The View Overdue Task Count widget in the Field View web application did not work as expected. 68854
Changing a form question type in the Classic Field View resulted in incorrect properties being enabled in the form question. 69426
In both the new and classic Field View web application, the dashboard did not correctly recognize permission settings when displaying a "View Business Unit Forms By Status" widget. 69581
The overdue task filter did not work when exporting to Excel using the new Field View. 69924
In some cases, using either the new or classic Field View web application view a form report resulted in an error. 69943
In some cases, attempting to sync a mobile device for a project with a large amount of data (several GB) resulted in the device failing to sync. 70136
Signature fields in form questions did not work as expected. 70213
In some cases, for certain user accounts, after a form was created, it was not viewable in the Field View web application. 70214
Form questions selected as "Make Default Answer Read Only" did not work as expected. 70251
In the new Field View, disabled organisations were incorrectly shown on distribution lists. 70331