Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
Error when trying to view a Form Report. 69943
Image size options have no effect when generating a Form Report. 70219
Field View Classic
Incorrect/inconsistent error when deleting process workflow status. 64504
Users assigned to a project that has been deactivated can no longer log in to their active projects. 67773


Predefined Answers page was cropped at the footer, making navigation links unavailable. 69467
Users can be invited to Field View through Add/Edit Packages without having their forename or surname entered. 69946
New Field View Web Application
When editing tasks, the Issued To field does not display the full list of available project organizations. 68453
Inconsistency in how comments are deleted from tasks and forms. 69780
Users cannot see specific forms they have created. 70214
When editing or copying a form, you cannot move the form to a higher location; it can only be moved from its current location down. 70241
Project-level users are unable to edit tasks on non-default projects. 70304
Task list shows statuses that the user does not have permission to use. 70463
Signatures do not display on the downloaded version of a PDF report. 70607
Changing the ownership of a business process does not change the associated tasks. 70695
Dashboard shows no connection to business intelligence database. 70900
Cannot save changes to the status of a task action attached to a form. 70868
GetProjectFormsList API function returns an error under specific circumstances. 70342
GetProjectTasksList API returns no data. 71126