What's New 2018-R9

The ninth release of Viewpoint Field View™ for 2018 delivers the ability to view attached documents on a mobile device as well as mobile fixes.

View Attached Documents on a Mobile Device

Access supporting documentation from the field. Documents attached to Forms and Form Answers, Tasks, Process Tasks, and Assets in the web application can be viewed on a phone or tablet from the job site. Once opened, documents are cached for offline use and are deleted upon closing the form in order to reduce the burden on device storage.

Users must be assigned a role that has the View Documents permission enabled in order to view attached documents on mobile.

Signature Enhancements

After a sync, signatures with transparent backgrounds, created on an iOS device, now display with a white background in Android thumbnails. Previously, these signatures displayed with a black background, making them difficult to read.

Enhancements were made to improve the legibility of signatory organizations and persons within forms displayed on iPhones.

Reminder for Android Users

With the 2018-R7 release, Field View became available to Android users via Google Play. If you have not yet installed Field View from Google Play, please do so to ensure that you receive application updates. Refer to the following instructions for important steps to follow: Upgrade Field View for Android.

As part of this process, turn on automatic upgrades so that subsequent releases install automatically.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixes to customer-reported mobile issues.