What's New in 2018-R10

The tenth release of Viewpoint Field View™ for 2018 delivers improved password security, as well as usability improvements for the Tasks feature that brings it closer to parity with Field View Classic. Additional customer-reported fixes for web and mobile are also included.

Improved Password Security

Passwords for new users and resets to existing user passwords require a longer and more secure alpha-numeric password for greater protection from data breaches and hackers. Future development will make stronger passwords requisite for all users.

Tasks feature enhancements

Additional functionality brings the Tasks feature closer to parity with Field View Classic.

  • Forward Tasks – you can forward a copy of your existing task to another organization. See Forward a Task.
  • Additional search filters – ability to search via task filters that were only previously available in Field View Classic. These filters were added in this release:
    • Scores
    • Priority
    • Cause
    • Caused by Organization
    • Location Classification
    See Filter the List of Tasks for the entire list.
  • Additional grid fields – you can show/hide additional columns in the Tasks grid that were only previously available in Field View Classic. As with the existing fields, these new fields are also available for CSV export. The new fields are:
    • Cause
    • Caused by Organization
    • Actual Finish (closed by main contractor)
    • Cost
    • GPS
    • Percentage Complete
    • Planned Start Date
    • Remaining Duration
    • Resolution
    • Score
    • Location Classification

    The fields listed here are now shown with all the previously available fields, as seen if you go to Tasks and click the Add/Remove Columns icon .

Fixes and Improvements

Fixes to customer-reported issues for web and mobile.