Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
Images uploaded in high resolution were being rendered in low resolution 64305
Overnight Task reports were being sent without the associated plan images included. 71444
Users without the required permissions could create Tasks on the website. 60504
The GetGeometry function did not return data from the ResponsibleOrganisationID field. 71229
GetProjects API call wasn't returning data despite numerous projects existing under the business unit. 71378
Field View Classic
Changing a form's question type resulted in duplicated column headers in the detailed analysis report. 67407
Some workflows didn't appear in the Workflow table until after clicking Search. 68665
New Field View Web Application
Users not assigned to the project were not able to view or access forms they created. 71439
When clicked within the forms table, Associations did not load even after much waiting. 71569
Attempts to export a list of forms from a dashboard widget directed instead to an error page. 68664
In processes where all rows in a column are set to 'Not Applicable', the page did not display correctly, the spinner never went away, and the page was unusable. 68317
Read-only form answers did not allow documents to be attached. 71491
Returning from a Form to a filtered list of Forms removed the user-applied filters. 70885
Users couldn't delete Form Answer documents from the Forms List page. 71555