Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the web issues fixed since the last release.

Description ClearView #
Two process reports (Planned Start and Finish and Process Performance Report) were returning errors related to character count limits. 74226
Subscriptions of overnight reports were failing due to path and/or file name length. 71522
The form table analysis function was attempting to pull data from deleted tables rather than only from active tables which have been configured for analysis. 74387
Forms table analysis didn't allow 'Name' as an alias. 74335
Photo questions on a form didn't clearly indicate that images were attached to the form. 72173
Form PDFs were not properly displaying the full list of actions for questions within dynamic tables. 74135
Using certain versions of Internet Explorer (IE) resulted in display errors. 74257
Users with only 'edit' permissions were allowed to create forms using the copy feature. 74038
Field View Classic
New Field View Web Application
Form answers were not being saved at all times, instead showing 'Answer Not Saved'. 73405
Process tasks were placed at the top level of the project rather than at the same level as the task it was associated with. 73979
Some form question types would not finish loading for some user roles. 71819
Some users were unable to access processes despite having View Original Tasks and View Process Tasks permissions. 74374
When updating Issued By User for a task, that task didn't update to reflect the organisation of the new issuer. 74326