What's New in 2019-R2

Viewpoint Field View™ in 2019 further closes the capabilities gap between New Web Forms and Classic. Additionally, more columns are included in the Tasks exports. Fixes for customer-reported web and mobile issues are also included.

New bar code scanner for Android devices

The barcode scanner app used on Android devices by Field View has been discontinued and is no longer available in Google Play Store. Field View now uses a different bar code scanner application. All Android users will be prompted to download the new app to their device the first time they attempt to use the code scanner. After the simple download and install process, the user can easily return to the Field View app using the device back button.

Forms parity improvements

Additional capabilities further close the gap between New Web Forms and Classic.

  • New 'Open Actions Only' form filter
  • Form audit trail now displays the device name
  • Static row long descriptions now display

Tasks export improvements

Additional Task columns and associated data are included in Excel and API exports.

To the Task Types Excel export, the following fields are added:
  • Task type ID
  • Task type link ID
  • Task Type Color
  • Validity Start Date
  • Expiry Date
To the Tasks Excel export, the following fields are added:
  • PlannedStartDate
  • ActualStartDate
  • Cost
  • GPS
  • IssuedToOrganisation
  • Package
  • PercentageComplete
  • Priority
  • Resolution
  • Score

Tasks feature enhancements

When adding or raising a Task, you now have the options to pick from existing library tasks and to 'Save as Library Task', bringing the Tasks feature closer to parity with Field View Classic.