Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for web in this release.

Description ClearView #
Accepting an invitation in IE didn't properly display password requirements 71998
Form expiry no longer worked, that is it did not make forms appear overdue 70870
Field View returning 404 errors when trying to generate form reports 69147
When creating Question Banks, 'Save & New' does not clear previous entries 63879
Moving a hyperlink situated within a form group generated an error 68224
Users were unable to create new account despite their email address having no prior associations 69800
Forms distributed to contacts where email address was null still got queued in the subscription table 69507
Form reports were not ordering additional answers correctly 69195
Field View Classic
GetTableGroup API call not returning data in the correct order for specific form 71356
When viewing distribution lists, the 'Next Page' option didn't work if you had distribution in excess of 100 per page 69020
Assign Form Template page timed out 72153
New Field View Web Application
Users assigned to a project have access but couldn't be located on the project 72080
Dashboard Widget did not show all workflow statuses 71594
Process sign-off sheets didn't include all images or comments on forms 69819
Workflow status 'Read Only Attachments, Comments and Actions' was not enforced 70973
Bulk PDF export saved signatures as JPEG images 69277
Deactivated Predefined Answers did not appear 71440
Process page showed fewer than 25 items even with 'Items per page' being set to show a minimum of 25 69715
Form didn't fully load if currupt data was present 68416