What's New in 2019-R4

The fourth release of Viewpoint Field View™ in 2019 includes web and mobile enhancements for Tasks and Processes, a new API, and improvements to the mobile device settings UI. Additionally, this release includes fixes for customer-reported mobile and web issues.

Form sorting option for Process sign-off sheet report

You now have the option to sort forms by process step order, in addition to the existing by created date, when running sign off sheet reports for Processes.

New API for Process Tasks

This new process services API returns a list of process tasks under a Process. For more information, see GetProcessDetails().

Required photo alert for Tasks on iOS

If a Task's required photo is not attached when a save is attempted, the Photo field turns red.

Android device settings UI improvements

To provide clearer direction at device set-up, you are presented with a ‘save’ button that returns you to the login screen after filling in the required fields on the Android device settings screen.

Improved Form PDF generated from mobile devices

Form reports generated from mobile devices now render and print more like they do from the web app, making them shorter and easier to read, whether on the device or printed.