Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the web issues fixed in this release.

Description ClearView #
Vista's UD Lookups were converting into Predefined Answers in a different column order than in the Vista form. 72333
Visibility settings for Form Templates 'Current business and below' were not taken into account when copying forms. 72105
Vista column type 'Checkbox' wasn't converting to Field View as a checkbox. 72550
Some audit trail data was being overwritten when saving changes. 72687
Field View Classic
If you deactivated a predefined answer in a lower tier of a predefined answer group, you were not able to reactivate the answer. 68691
New Field View Web Application
Project permissions for 'Delete forms created by my business unit' were not working. 71747
'Group by' on Task reports did not group the tasks by the selected option. 72720
Form reference filters would reset after viewing form and clicking back. 70885
Deleted forms continued to appear in reports. 69237
Selecting 'Forward Task' and then clicking 'Cancel' still created and forwarded the task. 72845
Task SCurve dashboard widget did not return data when a task type filter that was no longer assigned to the project was applied. 70104
Users with no default projects received an error message instead of being able to select one or more projects. 70196