Mobile Fixes

Find descriptions of the fixed issues for mobile since the last release.

Description ClearView #
Copying forms was allowed even if the form template had been unassigned. 72481
Form reports didn't work on forms containing static tables. 73085
Calculations using required predefined answers caused the app to crash if they weren't answered before calculating. 73111
Form calculation crashes when using "N/A" as the predefined answer. 73217
App crashed when trying to add an image from the gallery or take a photo on a Task or Form. 73198
Users were able to bypass question logic to answer questions within inactive question groups. 72941
Camera wasn't resetting the focus after using new barcode scanner. 72427
Pictures couldn't be attached to some forms because the prompt to allow GPS access didn't appear. 73199
Web App
Form pins were missing from PDF reports. 73067