Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the web issues fixed since the last release.

Description ClearView #
Users could close a process task even if the required associated form was deleted. 70275
GetTableGroup() API call was unable to return data when certain special characters were used. 73827
Forms reports didn't indicate when a question row had more than 6 photos. 68155
View Original Tasks permission would supersede the denied View Process Tasks permission. 71297
Issued By Task field was not displaying the assigned project user. 71761
Forms Detailed Analysis wouldn't return any results if a form template Alias value was blank rather than null (for example, " "). 71863
Error would occur when converting a UD Form or Lookup in Team. 73443
Field View Classic
Process forms that were visible in New Web and Mobile were not available in Classic. 70277
New Field View Web Application
Those invited to a project under a new project organisation were not able to select from the full list of organisations when creating tasks. 73219
Users were unable to see process tasks in New Web despite having view permissions in Classic. 70341
Deleted forms were flagging as present. 72484
Task Reports were displaying status colours which didn't exist. 73797
Process page was showing processes that had no assigned tasks. 73488
Process exports into MS Excel were displaying incorrect information for the status of tasks. 70516
Exports with multiple projects selected in the filters menu were failing, instead producing error messages. 73796
After entering a predefined answer on a form, changing the status of the form caused the data in the fields to change. 69634
Form Associations were taking too long to load. 73165
Process task status couldn't be changed due to required form not being present, despite process form being present. 70276