Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the web issues fixed since the last release.

Description Issue ID
Errors in the email address validation process were causing distribution failures. 74747
Some PDF reports were distributing incorrectly in A3 format instead of A4. 72144
Some permissions were not being applied correctly when users were invited to projects. 73978
When copying a form with a secure group, the existing secure group answers were being copied. 74862
Rather than displaying the name of the API token for questions answered using an EditQuestionAnswerAPI call, the form answer audit trail instead copied the name of the last user to answer the question. 74639
Form report PDF was showing links to the child Tasks in the allocated area, but links to the child Forms were not being included. 74780
Field View Classic
Process exports were exporting in black and white, that is, without workflow status colours. 74727
Form Score data was displaying future dates on some results. 73485
New Field View Web Application
When adding actions and then updating answer values, the actions were not being exported to PDF. 74039