What's New in Field View 2020 R11

The ninth release of Viewpoint Field View™ in 2020 brings process improvements across the application, as well as a mobile enhancement. This release also includes fixes for customer-reported mobile and web issues.

Fast and easy assignment of new form templates to multiple projects

From within a single screen, you can now assign new form templates to multiple projects at once rather than having to navigate to individual projects to assign new templates. To access this new feature, use the action overflow menu (right click) on the pertinent template to select Assign to Projects.

Distribution list improvements

When distributing a form, whether from the web or from a mobile device, each person's name now has their organisation name listed next to it. This makes it easier to send forms to the correct recipients if you're more familiar with the organisations on the project than you are with individuals' names.

When mobile device users begin typing a name or organisation, filtering functionality narrows the possibilities as they type, making it easier to quickly find the proper recipient.

Easier Process Summary grid navigation

The row and column headers of the Process Summary grid now remain in view at all times, making it easier to discern each process task and location combination.

New Writeback options for Vista users

Additional UD field writeback options take advantage of known information in Field View to pre-fill certain Vista field values, reducing the amount of data you must enter. Three new options for use in Vista UD forms are included with this release:
  • Parent form reference number
  • Project name
  • Created by name

For more complete information, please see User Defined (UD) Forms and UD Lookups Integration.

Native barcode functionality for Android devices

You no longer need to download and install a separate barcode scanning application. With this release, we've built this functionality directly into the Android app. You may opt to uninstall the 3rd-party barcode scanner app upon installing this version.

Easier drawing replacement

Replacing a drawing with a different size drawing is now easier. The application now automatically scales the calibrations to fit the new drawing. This means if the drawing hasn't changed except for the size, the calibrations should fit perfectly and shouldn't need any manual adjustments.

API enhancements

These APIs have new customer-requested parameters and responses. Select each link to see additional details.
  • GetProjectFormsList() - if the form was raised by a process task, we now include the task ID, named ParentProcessTaskID, in the result.
  • GetProjectFormTasksList() and GetProjectTasksList() - for tasks that have been updated, new search parameters that result in better information, regardless of whether they were updated on Web or Mobile.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.

Important: Once Viewpoint Help officially launches, when you select Help from within the Viewpoint Field View application, it will open the Viewpoint Field View page in the new Viewpoint Help website. At that time, any bookmarks to pages in the existing Help you have saved will redirect to the Field View page in Viewpoint Help. From there, you can navigate to the Help page you want, and create a new bookmark.