Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

Description Issue ID
The bulk download process was limiting template names to 25 characters. 80821
Form distribution emails were occasionally sent more than once to some recipients. 91262
The All Complete/Complete status filter returned closed tasks and forms even without the "Complete" status flag enabled. 94320
Some date questions were still reported as answered even after deleting the answer and the field was blank. 95169
Some form templates containing a predefined answer with the "Allow other" option enabled resulted in the analysis report listing "Other Answer" in the table column. 97042
Some new users weren't granted access to projects despite having fully accepted the invite. 97298
The GetTaskAuditTrail API function would return error messages if the task audit trail contained invalid data. 98470
The process to clone geometry was in some ways incompatible with the process to replace drawings. 98514
Running the GetTaskPDF API function for some tasks would not generate the PDF. 98956
Field View Classic
Some users without valid Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) accounts received error messages even if they had never connected Field View to VFP. 98590
Some users were prevented from importing library tasks at the project level. 98763
New Field View Web Application
The Task SCurve dashboard was not showing the correct date the tasks were raised. 82585
The date filters for the Overdue Task Count dashboard widget weren't working. 86243
Attempting to remove the "IssuedDate" filter from a Form Detail Grid widget resulted in an error message. 88147
When signing forms on behalf of other users, the page wouldn't acknowledge correctly entered passwords. 97413
The Form Detail Grid wasn't applying filters as selected by the user. 97527
New Form SCurve widgets ignored any user-applied date filters. 98209
The process to copy and paste a location sometimes resulted in more than the one desired copy. 98570
Selecting the Use As Barcode check box within the geometry didn't display the check mark in New Drawings to show that the reference would be used as the barcode. 98704
Moving locations which had drawings and calibrations within the same branch sometimes resulted in those drawings and calibrations being removed. 98928
Switching Projects from the Edit Form screen would update the project name in the top left but return the user to the Form register of the initial project that was being switched from. 98945
Unsupported Classic Drawing configurations would cause drawing uploads to fail in New Web. 98999
Some users were prevented from moving cloned sections of geometry to new branches. 99014
Drawings page wouldn't scroll as needed when dragging locations within the geometry tree. 99015
The drag and drop functionality was too sensitive, causing unexpected changes in the geometry tree. 99196
Reports wouldn't include newly added drawings until the action to Cut Images for Reports had been taken in Classic. 99254
The process to replace a drawing would time out and prevent subsequent attempts to replace the drawing. 99294