What's New in Field View 2020 R2

The first Viewpoint Field View™ release in 2020 brings you a search enhancement for Android, a new API, and improved integration with Viewpoint For Projects. This release also includes fixes to customer-reported issues.

Search by Task or Form ID on Android Devices

Tap the new Search by Ref option to quickly find a form or task using its ID. Tapping the form or task opens the item within its respective location.

APIs - New and Enhanced

A new API, GetFormTemplateDetails(), provides all the information for a form template including child questions, groups, and table groups.

Instead of calling GetForm() for each individual form to get the form structure (Groups, Tables, Questions, and so on), you can use this new API to do bulk queries to both GetProjectFormsList() (for the forms) and to GetProjectFormsListUpdated() (for the form answers), and use the results and information from GetFormTemplateDetails() to construct the forms.

To support the new API mentioned above, the existing GetProjectFormsList() API now returns FormTemplateID. You can use the Form Template ID to call GetFormTemplateDetails().

For forms that have been closed, the GetProjectFormsList() API result set now includes the name of the user who closed the form, eliminating the need to refer to the audit trail.

Improved Forms Integration with Viewpoint For Projects

Field View forms sent to Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) are now easier to identify in VFP. File names now include Project Name, Form ID, Form Name, Location, and Form Title, making file names more meaningful. For more details, see About PDFs Sent to Viewpoint For Projects.