Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the web issues fixed in this release.

Description Issue ID
Drawing upload errors would cause sync failure in Android devices. 76655
Renaming a process task would sometimes result in the process task being deleted. 87628
Removing or replacing a secure group on a newer version of a form template caused the edit group permission to disappear for that group. 95478
Field View Classic
Viewing the process details page and running a search on an assigned project process would occasionally return an error. 90813
New Field View Web Application
Process exports into excel were displaying incorrect status of tasks. 82069
When running table analysis, answers would sometimes show as 'Other' instead of what the user had entered. 90717
The print option window for device enrollment codes would close without enough time to save the file. 93134
Generating a Forms report would allow access to all project forms regardless of permission settings. 93927
Answering logic questions after answering questions within groups linked to those logical questions caused prior answers to be deleted. 94317