What's New in Field View 2020 R6

The fifth release of Viewpoint Field View™ in 2020 delivers an API enhancement, bug fixes, and general application maintenance.

Easier management of predefined answer (PDA) groups

If you sort your predefined answer (PDA) groups alphabetically to make it easier for your users to find them, now you won't have to sort the list manually in the PDA editor after adding new PDAs using the API.

The existing AddSimplePredefinedAnswerItem() call adds PDAs to the PDA lists in the projects you specify. With this enhancement, each time the call completes, the newly added answers are placed alphabetically in the group instead of being inserted at the bottom of the list.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.