What's New in Field View 2020 R7

The sixth release of Viewpoint Field View™ in 2020 delivers an all-in-one Android application that eliminates the need for the separate Sync app.

All-in-one Android Application

The Android mobile application now has all functionality - including sync - built in to a single app. Android device users no longer need to download and install the separate sync app that has been required up to this point.

If you use Field View on an Android device, you should:
  • Update the mobile app using the same method you've previously used.
  • Follow the prompts in the new app to uninstall the old sync app. For instructions, see Upgrade Field View for Android and scroll to the section Uninstall Obsolete Apps.
    Note: There is no harm in letting the old sync app remain on your device, but it will occupy space without any benefit.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.