Web Fixes

Find descriptions of the customer-reported web application issues fixed in this release.

Description Issue ID
Importing planned and finished dates into Processes wasn't working properly. 81506
UD Forms with combo boxes would sometimes error when converting instead of writing back to Vista. 90097
Fixed an issue causing sync error "violation of primary key constraint". 94763
Forms in a 'Closed' workflow status from specific Form Templates erroneously included 'Action Header Rows' in the Form Report. 94770
Form Status Widget was reporting all forms regardless of values entered as date filters. 95063
Forms created by North America users were appearing in mobile devices with dates in EU/UK (DD/MM/YYYY) format. 95565
Form templates and workflow templates were being created without their associated permissions being properly assigned, resulting in users being unable to access the roles tree. 93739
Converting a UD Form from Vista when there were multiple questions with the same question name resulted in an error but no explanation. 96979
A parameter in the GetFormTemplateDetails API call that was no longer relevant needed to be removed. 97888
For the GetGeometryTree API call, records assigned to the root parent were not appearing in the result set. 98109
Field View Classic
Email addresses with ampersand and/or apostrophe were treated as invalid. 82066
Assigning form templates on a project wasn't working properly but didn't signal to the user that assigning it had failed. 90781
New images added to a project for use as a logo on a device login screen were not downloaded to devices even after syncing. 95129/95127
Some users were able to create Forms even though their assigned permission was 'edit only'. 97659
New Field View Web Application
Some users with permission to 'Delete Forms Created By My Business Unit' received an error when trying to delete a form. 85664
Some users without 'View Form Audit Trail' permission could still access the audit window. 87510
Audit entries were being created upon opening a predefined list, rather than only when changes were made by the user. 90058
Permissions from a some users' default project were being applied to other projects too. 93652
Some users were able to see organisation names despite not having access to any projects of that organisation. 90870
After setting a Form Location question to N/A, the form would not allow the answer to be changed. 91293
Manually entered dates in some form date fields were not saving correctly. 94248
When answering text or memo questions, the page attempts to save answers while still typing, resulting in leading/trailing spaces being removed. 95114
Attempts to change a logical question after it had already been answered resulted in an 'answer not saved' error message. 95345
When a Task was created as a result of a parent Form, any images associated with the Task were not shown in the Task report; the image icons displayed as greyed out but clicking the icon displayed the images. 96687