What's New in Field View 2020 R9

The eighth release of Viewpoint Field View™ in 2020 makes task reassignment easier, provides stability improvements, and fixes several customer-reported mobile issues.

Easier Task Reassignment

If a user who created a task is later removed from the project, mobile devices will now indicate that the user is no longer on the project. The user's organization name will remain, making it easier to reassign the task if needed.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.

Important: Once Viewpoint Help officially launches, when you select Help from within the Viewpoint Field View application, it will open the Viewpoint Field View page in the new Viewpoint Help website. At that time, any bookmarks to pages in the existing Help you have saved will redirect to the Field View page in Viewpoint Help. From there, you can navigate to the Help page you want, and create a new bookmark.