What's New in Field View 2021 R11

The tenth Viewpoint Field View™ and final release of 2021 makes several aspects of your workflows more convenient. We've also included fixes to many customer-reported issues.

Reset user organisation

Whether to correct a mistake or make a needed update, changing a user's organisation on a project is as simple as sending them a new project invite, for the desired organisation.

The user's project organisation updates the moment the user accepts the new email invite.

Greater flexibility with Processes

Improvements to Processes in New Web enable the following for Process Tasks:

  • Disassociate a Process Form
  • Associate an existing Form
  • Create and associate a new Form

These new abilities help you easily and efficiently remove and replace Process Forms, and to delete a Process Task without losing the data on the Form.

Take action with less navigation

The action icons that currently appear in the Form and Task grids now appear also at the top of the Form and Task edit pages.

  • Associations
  • Form expired or Task overdue, if applicable
  • Images
  • Comments
  • Documents

You now have full visibility of the item's data without navigating away from the item you are editing.

Faster Project selection

When choosing from your drop down list of available Projects, you can now open the project by double-clicking its name instead of having to click it and the Select button.

API Enhancement

For instances where you might have multiple Locations sharing the same name in a single Project, the QuestionAnswerRequest parameters now include elementID. This new parameter benefits the EditFormLocationQuestioAnswer and EditLocationQuestionAnswer APIs. For reference, see Edit{QuestionType}QuestionAnswer().