Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

Description Issue ID
Some API tokens weren't returning data from the expected enterprise level. 90814
Attempts to render PDF reports would occasionally fail if a Form's predefined answer had been used and subsequently deactivated. 103868
The Form detail grid dashboard would offer projects to pick from whose details the user didn't have permissions to, resulting in widget errors. 103905
Orphaned child forms which were created in questions whose answers were later deleted were preventing closure of their original parent Forms. 105601
Certain valid filtering options caused the Task Status Summary Report to return an error. 105747
New Field View Web Application
Certain static table settings would cause the Form copy process to copy more data than was intended by the user. 88274
Form schedules would create two copies of a form per request, instead of just one. 95656
Answering logic questions in table rows resulted in the lateral scroll bar resetting to the far left. 96807
Date filters on the Task Status Summary report were including more days than selected by the user. 99817
Bulk Exports that were grouped by Location sometimes resulted in directory paths that exceeded limits set by MS Windows. 102491
Making a change to an already-answered question in a Form wouldn't always trigger the appropriate change in the Task actions, resulting in PDFs of Forms rendering with incorrect actions in the report. 102749
Leaving logical questions blank in a dynamic table resulted in answers to newly added rows being placed in those blanks. 104179
When reactivating parent Locations, previously deleted child Locations were included but should have been excluded. 104405
Process Task names that included trailing spaces caused problems with the Process grid. 104443
Applying a date sort order to the Form Detail Grid widget resulted in incorrectly sorted dates. 104530
Page breaks were being added to reports even when opting not to use the grouping and page break features. 104637
The system was preventing users from uploading Drawings to some Locations because a data integrity check was finding errors pertaining to unrelated records. 104726
PDFs of Forms with Task actions added to answer fields were rendering without including the action in the report. 104748
Forms' dynamic tables would sometimes generate an extra row after a user had answered the question and refreshed the form. 104760
Switching between projects caused the Forms' Location Filter not to populate. 105478
Changes to the Issued By field resulted in undesired changes to the Issued By Organisation value, which prevented other users from accessing Tasks. 105479
The drawing upload-in-progress indicator wasn't appearing when a drawing file with a capitalised file extension was in progress. 105563
Making changes to a project after a user accepted an edited business user invitation prevented the user from appearing in signature fields. 105578
Use of very thin calibration lines sometimes resulted in report errors. 105608
Classic Web
Attempts to export the Asset/Location check report generated only the first page. 65333
The ampersand (&) character wasn't allowed in external email addresses. 103160
Successfully saved project end date changes resulted in incorrectly displayed pop-up errors indicating the change did not save. 104040
The required Validity Start Date field on new Task Types was not being enforced. 105372
The Forms Detailed Analysis was displaying both the time and date entries in both the Time and Date fields. 105623