What's New in Field View 2021 R2

The first Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2021 brings you time-saving API functions, better project-wide data visibility, improved security, and conveniences in both web and mobile. This release also fixes many customer-reported web and mobile issues.

Enhanced Tasks Report makes information easier to see

You can now opt to insert page breaks based on any grouping selection, rather than only by Location. When you select the new Page break by Group selection check box, the report begins each change in your Group By selection at the top of a new page. Streamline your report even more by filtering the Tasks list before you view the report.

More flexible attachment experience

Mobile iOS device users can now associate already-started Forms that exist at the Process Task's location, as opposed to being able to only create new Form instances. Just as with the Android app, the Process Task needs to have been configured to allow it and the Form instance being associated must not already have a parent Task/Form instance.

Improved access to up-to-date information

Mobile app enhancements have been made so that project-wide stakeholders have an increasingly accurate view of each project's real status, by prompting a full and proper sync for those occasions when mobile users may go days or weeks without a successful sync.

If a sync attempt fails, and to draw the user's attention:

  • the mobile app now prompts the user with a Retry button.
  • the user will be logged out if it's been 7 or more days after the last successful sync.

New and enhanced APIs

With the new Forms API call GetAssociations(), you can now retrieve all Tasks and Forms belonging to a specific Form, rather than having to retrieve all Tasks and Forms and match them up.

As an update to the existing Tasks API call, GetAssociations() now includes two new elements: ParentID and ParentTypeID. They are appended to the end of the XML for each Task association returned by the API call.

Changes to Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) integration

Due to the work done in VFP related to Viewpoint ID, you will soon be required to reconnect your Field View account with your VFP account. If you are the only Field View account connected to that VFP account, this will be a one-time requirement.
Note: Linked accounts provide a streamlined experience, more so when only one Field View account is linked to any one VFP account. If you use VFP credentials that have already been linked to another FV account, the linkage works only until you log out of Field View - it does not persist across sessions.

COBie files now supported

When using the Upload Geometry button to upload Location-Drawing combinations, you may now select COBie-formatted Excel files.

Note: Excel files must be .xlsx format; .xls format is not supported.

Viewpoint Help

This release introduces the new Viewpoint Help site. With Viewpoint Help, you can:
  • Access Help for multiple Viewpoint products.
  • Filter your search by categories such as "product" or "video."
  • Easily print or generate PDFs of individual Help pages or entire sections of Help.
For more information on Viewpoint Help, see About Viewpoint Help.

Note: You can visit Viewpoint Help using one of the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome 78.0.3904.97+
  • Firefox 73.0.1+
  • Microsoft Edge 79+
  • Safari 13.1+