Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

Description Issue ID
The Form Report was including deleted child Forms instead of omitting them. 85663
Some Task Reports with signatures were failing to render. 86289
When multiple distributions in quick succession by mobile users were not all accepted, entries for each were still recorded in the communication history. 87068
An API extract was adding additional characters during extraction. 90732
Process sign off sheets would sometime fail to generate if View Forms was enabled. 93322
Question Logic was enabling groups too early, instead of waiting until the logical question had been answered. 99829
GetProjectAssetsList API with null Element Quantity would error out and not complete. 100198
When accepting a Field View invitation, new users' login names that happened to include a trailing space were causing login problems. 100405
Field View Classic
The columns in the Add Form Details window couldn't be adjusted, making it difficult to read some Form Template IDs. 94128
Some users encountered a blank Planned Start / Finish Report because the report wouldn't read the date entries. 99829
New Field View Web Application
Tasks Report rendered many pages with images and Tasks unmatched in a way that caused confusion. 70674
Some users were prevented from adding project users to project-level distribution lists, by taking them to 'Add Business People' instead of 'Add Project People'. 86373
When web users queued multiple distributions in quick succession, some PDFs failed to generate, but the communication history still showed them as sent. 90797
Creating a new Location required selecting it in order to calibrate it. 97604
Some Form templates with multiple pages and multiple groups with logical controls, the Form wouldn't load as expected, instead displaying the loading spinner indefinitely. 98665
Issuing multiple packages to the same organisation with different email addresses resulted in duplicate entries in the form distribution menu. 98955
Renaming a location would sometimes not update the text in read-only Form Location fields. 99318
Some users encountered a blank Planned Start/Finish Report when the report failed to read the applicable date entries. 99401
When sorting by created date, the resulting date range is not in chronological order. 99405
The list of available projects in a dashboard widgets filter menu displayed more projects than the user had access to. 99730
Calibrations would sometimes get out of alignment despite being adjusted correctly. 99813
Some non-user (project-only) records were prevented from being added to new projects. 100247
When viewing Process Tasks, changing the view to show associated Tasks resulted in none showing. 100248
Dragging Locations from one branch to another was prevented if both branches were below a Location with a Drawing attached. 100249
Drawing uploads were permitted at the root Location and shouldn't have been. 100316
When switching from List view to Summary view, the Actions menu became unresponsive. 100569
Bulk delete geometry would time out and then stop before having deleted all child Locations. 100571
Process sign-off sheets would include Forms for only a single Location if the 'View Forms' option was enabled. 100761
When using an enterprise-level token, the GetAssociations() API failed to return Tasks created by or issued to organisations external to one another, but within the enterprise. 100777
Attempts to print barcodes for more than 100 Locations resulted in error. 101057
When applying a date sort order to the Form Detail Grid widget, the date order didn't sort correctly. 101059