What's New in Field View 2021 R3

The second Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2021 further ensures that data and project progress stored by mobile users is more readily available to relevant project stakeholders, and is a continuation of the prior release's mobile enhancements. Customer-reported mobile issues are also included.

Further-improved access to current information

With this release, stakeholders across all projects gain even better visibility to up-to-date project status. The mobile app helps prevent those occasions when mobile users may go up to a week or more without a successful sync.

Mobile users are automatically logged out 7 days after their last successful sync. The user is then required to sync before they're able to log in again. This benefits all project users with information that is more current, and should also encourage speedier resolution of sync problems, if present.

The Retry button introduced in the prior release still appears after each sync failure, but unlike the last release, the app logs the user out even before a sync failure occurs, once it's been 7 days since the last successful sync.