What's New in Field View 2021 R4

The third Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2021 brings time-saving conveniences and fixes to many customer-reported issues.

Easier-to-use Field View data exports

The first column of the Forms Detailed Analysis table data includes your unique project reference, making exports of your Field View data easier to use in other areas of your organisation.

Remove Form templates from multiple projects at a time

You now have the ability to 'unassign' a Form Template from multiple projects at once by right clicking on any template on the Configure Form Templates page and selecting the new option Remove From Projects.

There is also a new 'select all' check box in both the Remove From Projects and Apply to Projects grids to make selecting or deselecting relevant projects faster.

Quick access to online Help

In New Web, the icon for accessing the online Help is more conveniently placed next to the user name in the top bar, far right.

The Help icon in the dropdown that used to appear when you click on your name has been removed.

Advanced notice - Android devices to receive required storage upgrade in May's R5 release

Google has mandated a security change to app storage for all Android applications. Next month's Field View mobile release will include a necessary update affecting all Android mobile devices.

The first use of the new Android version will prompt the automatic update.
  • The time required to complete the storage update depends on the amount of data stored on the device.
  • We estimate that most users will not be impacted, but that some users may may encounter a delay of up to 20 minutes. During this time that the app cannot be used, a progress bar will indicate the portions of the update completed and remaining.