Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
The Form report audit would sometimes display Signed by information that was different than who actually signed the status off.86247
For some locations, the GetChangedProcessElementWorkFlows API was returning processes that had been inactivated.91126
Removing data from some forms resulted in the app applying a default value to the date field which was incorrect.94682
The count of overdue tasks was different in the standard task report as compared to the status summary report.101840
A PDF report status audit was indicating user names other than the user which signed it. 102099
Users who's default projects had been deactivated, or who had been deactivated on their default project, were not able to reset their password.102705
Field View Classic
Leading spaces in Process Task Descriptions caused errors when attempting to view Process details.100713
Some forms assigned to processes were allowed to be changed, even after the process was live, which prevented closing of process tasks.101108
Applying processes to element classifications stopped working when approximately 800 locations had the process applied.102390
Updating the version of a form sometimes didn't properly deactivate the old version.102737
The Assign to Projects tool on the Configure Form Templates page wouldn't permit assigning new versions of existing form templates to projects if the business unit was different.102993
Copying a project with expired form templates brought even the expired form templates across.103193
New Field View Web Application
The Location/Geometry tree structure allowed multiple 'root' nodes, making the tree unusable.80312
Some bulk uploads with drawings/calibrations that had since been deleted were restoring those deleted items instead of treating them as new items.98749
Some forms indicated that answers to required questions were still needed, even though they were all answered.99845
Certain punctuation caused the Bulk Export tool to stop working.101061
The app wasn't requiring barcode references using geometry names to be unique, and instead allowed duplicates.101841
Process Task name case sensitivity was causing problems in grid generation, causing the screen to become unresponsive.101854
While processing edits to Locations, the typical spinner display was missing, leading some users to think the app had crashed.102492
Navigating away from a Location with a newly added calibration sometimes caused the calibration tools to appear greyed out at the newly selected Location.102493
The drag-and-drop functionality in Drawings would sometimes not respond as expected.102495