What's New in Field View 2021 R6

The fifth Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2021 introduces newly designed and streamlined Process setup, several API enhancements, and fixes to many customer-reported issues.

Process setup now available in New Web

Enjoy more setup flexibility, but tighter control over Process outcomes. With a better user experience and modernised look, you can now set up Business Process templates, assign them to Projects, and assign Project Processes to Locations - all in New Web.

Processes are used to track and monitor project progress. They are pre-defined compilations of action items assigned to organisations responsible for completing them. By creating a Process in Field View, you can standardise tasks while reducing repetitive setup steps.

For more information, please see Processes.

New APIs

  • GetTask() - returns all the attributes for a single standard Task.
  • GetGeometryByDescription() - uses your chosen search terms to return a project's Assets and Locations that contain those terms.

Enhanced APIs

  • GetProcessDetails() - offers two new parameters: pageSize and pageIndex. Paging helps you acquire smaller result sets on occasions when the existing parameters cannot sufficiently narrow the results to be helpful. Results are sorted ascending by StatusDate (oldest to newest), then by TaskId so you can quickly page through results that might have the same date.
  • GetFormsSuperStatusCount() and GetTasksSuperStatusCount() - the date range is now optional, and if supplied, has no limit. These changes allow more comprehensive result sets, leading to more accurate insight to projects' status.