Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
If a package was used on a process, updating the package with a new organisation would result in display and permissions issues.100054
A duplicate-name check was missing, resulting in permissions errors if a duplicate secure group name was entered.103666
Field View Classic
Forms Detailed Analysis was sometimes returning 'No Data to Display' despite many records meeting the filter criteria.90002
Occasional extra blank table rows prevented Forms from being closed.99080
Form table analysis reports were taking too long to generate and export.103128
Print Dashboard Page resulted in an error instead of printing the widgets.103686
New Field View Web Application
A file extension wasn't displaying for images when viewing or saving.78959
Changes to Forms-associated workflows would sometimes cause the Form Detail Grid dashboard widget to stop displaying the latest workflow statuses.98982
Some users weren't able to access certain Processes, even with the proper permissions.99849
Some users were able to close a parent form, even with the setting applied that should have prevented closure until all child forms were closed.101852
Resizing calibrations while adjusting them resulted in misalignment.102697
Presence of invalid or incomplete Forms or Tasks data appeared as 'Null' on widgets.103353
Form reports were omitting signatures when 4 or more signatures were added to the same Form question.103890