Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Tasks created weren't taking the task type resolution period into account.102548
Attempts by administrators to load the business structure would sometimes time out.102560
Printing location barcodes would sometimes result in broken formatting and a multipage layout of codes.103191
The Form Comments Audit sometimes showed a single user was from 2 different business units.103564
Users logged in to one project but pasting a URL in the browser to another project would arrive at a page with columns missing. 103976
Applying the 'Weeks' date range filter to a Form Detail Grid widget caused the widget to fail.104228
Reports with large numbers of tasks and photos sometimes timed out with errors.104381
QR codes allowed only numbers, not letters.104446
Some parent Forms couldn't be placed in a 'non-read-only' status when a child Form had a specific setting applied that related to 'read-only' status.104845
Field View Classic
Some Task Type descriptions in the audit were being retrieved from the default business level value rather than the project-specific value displayed in the grid.104500
New Field View Web Application
Form Details were omitted from child Forms when they were opened from page 2 of the parent Form.93441
Geometry upload templates would fail to include child locations when named the same as their parent location.101855
Deleting a drawing immediately after uploading a replacement drawing resulted in errors.104556