What's New in Field View 2021 R9

The eighth Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2021 brings a major sync improvement and fixes to a few customer-reported issues.

Sync detects and prevents low storage failures

The sync process now detects whether your device has sufficient storage space available for new updates. After successfully uploading device data, if the available memory is less than what is needed to accommodate the download, the sync stops and presents a message indicating the low storage state. This helps avoid what would otherwise result in the device being out of storage and unable to upload data.

Windows devices will be able to run the Android app

As communicated via email in August, Viewpoint will no longer upgrade the Windows version of the Field View app with new features after this year ends. Microsoft ended support for Windows Mobile in 2019.

However, Microsoft will be bringing Android app support to Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. This will allow Windows 11 users to download each new Android version of the Field View mobile app and run it natively on their Windows 11 mobile device.

If your current Windows device is not compatible with Windows 11, consider these options prior to the Windows 11 release:
  • replace it with a model that is compatible with Windows 11
  • replace it with an Android or iOS device
  • download and use an Android emulator - we recommend MEmu Player Premium
  • take no action - your current Windows device can still use the last-released version of the Windows app

The web platform is not affected. These changes apply only to the mobile application.