What's New in Field View 2022 R11

With the tenth Viewpoint Field View release of 2022, we continue migrating Field View accounts to Trimble Construction One to take advantage of the single sign-on functionality and prompt mobile users to migrate their accounts. We now also allow document attachments to be added to forms and form answers via the API.

Web fixes and mobile fixes available.

Migrate Your Field View Account to Trimble Construction One

In order to use the integration with Viewpoint for Projects and Team, your will need migrate your Field View account into Trimble Construction One. Using a single sign on will provide a more seamless and automatic experience.

You'll no longer be able to skip the option to postpone the creation of your Trimble Connect One account. Watch this video to see the new log in experience.

Document Attachments to Forms and Form Answers Using APIs

We’ve updated the forms APIs. Users can now attach documents to forms and form answers, making the APIs a more complete process when creating forms.

Copy Row in iOS

The Copy Row in form tables now works on iOS. You can copy all answers to a new row except for photo, sketch, and signature questions types, and any answer that requires an action.