What's New in Field View 2022 R10

With the ninth Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2022, we released the ability to embed an image with a template form using the form designer. We’re also going to display images in Android and iOS displays with better alignment and scalability and perform some maintenance for a smoother user experience.

Web fixes and mobile fixes are also available.

Field View and VFP Accounts

In order to use the integration with Viewpoint for Projects and Team, your Field View account will need to be migrated into Trimble Construction One. Using a single sign on will provide a more seamless and automatic experience.

Starting with the November release, you'll no longer be able to skip the option to postpone the creation of your Trimble Connect One account.

Embed Images in Form Template

With this release, you can embed images when designing a form template to help the user better understand the form. The image will be downloaded only once, regardless of how many forms use that image. This will help prevent excessive downloads from blocking your device.

You’ll also be able to use the pinch and zoom functionality on mobile devices to expand the image to see the details, and you can filter forms to find the ones that have images.

Assign User to Multiple Projects

You can now add a user to more than one project at a time. When assigning a user to a project, you’ll be able to see all the projects you have access to and can assign the user to each one.