What's New in Field View 2022 R2

The first Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2022 provides a time-saving workflow enhancement and improved visibility to project image data. There are also minor impacts resulting from meaningful security improvements, as well as fixes to several customer-reported issues.

Automated Form Progression

A major improvement to Scheduled Forms reduces overall administrative effort. When setting up a new Form Schedule, you can now schedule the Form against a Location and an Organisation. This reduces the need to return later to manually input this information in the Form you scheduled.

The Add Form Schedule screen has two new drop down fields:
  • The Location field is for selecting the Project Location, with the default value being the parent level Location on the Project.
  • The Issued to Org field is for selecting the organisation the Form should be issued to.
    Note: The Issued to Org field
    • is enabled only when the Form Template you've selected on the Add Form Schedule screen contains an Issued to Org question.
    • displays only the organisations assigned to the Project you're currently working in.
Also supporting this enhancement are modifications to existing permissions, which enable more granular separation:
  • Configure form templates permission, which allows access to create or edit Form Templates, is no longer required to access form schedules.
  • Allow form Scheduling provides access to form schedules, but not to create or edit Form Templates. This permission is applied systematically to all users with Configure form templates permission.

Image Data Retained

The metadata (GPS coordinates and date) for images uploaded to Forms, Tasks, Answers, and so on, is now captured and stored.

Leaving this data intact provides the option to export it and take additional actions such as search/sort, or to plot the images using GIS software. It also simplifies routine verification and auditing.

The current function of overlaying each image with its metadata in colored text remains in place.

Session Expiration & Reminder

As an incremental improvement to security, Field View web sessions without activity for 55 minutes now displays a notification message informing you that you will be logged out automatically within 5 minutes. The alert provides the option to extend your login session.

Expired sessions are indicated as such upon your return to the login screen.

In a future release: Security Improvements will preclude use of Internet Explorer (IE)

Preserving the security and integrity of your data and of the Field View application is and will always be a top priority. Occasionally, Viewpoint's continual efforts result in a change in requirements.

Starting with the R4 release in April, you won't be able to use the IE browser to access Field View. Security upgrades applied to Field View's core components will result in their incompatibility.

If you use the IE browser for Field View, please begin now to adopt the use of a different browser before the April release. Viewpoint recommends the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.