Web Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported web issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Use of some predefined answers (PDA) was rejected due to a system error in validating new entries.71671
Form comments would sometimes be hidden if they happened to match a question that had been inactivated.86244
Secure groups were applying security rules differently in mobile vs web.91080
Organisations related to deleted packages were being included in the Form Distribution menu.93719
Dynamic tables would sometimes adjust the first column width too narrowly to include all text.101109
Copying a Form Template would fail if the new Form's name happened to match the that of any field in the Form being copied.101215
Changes were allowed to predefined answers (PDA) already in use, resulting in erroneous data being logged to closed Forms. 101844
Use of page breaks in a Group in a Form Template would result in blank pages.101968
The Form Title search filter would apply filtering to only the first 20 characters.102122
Making changes to which columns displayed caused Form Schedules to display incorrectly.103241
Certain users were unable to view invitations despite having the correct permissions.103813
The 'Completed' and 'Closed' workflow statuses in web functioned differently than in the mobile app, and needed to be aligned.104194
The 'Actual Finish Date' in the Process didn't match that of the same Process when viewed in the Process List.104426
Packages and organisations could be paired in combinations which were not defined in the Process.105307
Business users were being omitted from signature fields if the project on their invitation happened to have been changed before accepting the invitation.105578
Use of more than one open tab would intermittently allow child Forms or Tasks to be saved incorrectly, instead of prompting the user to refresh the browser. 106065
Form distribution emails could be sent to individuals associated with inactive packages.106066
Cloning multiple locations and then renaming them would sometimes cause the geometry screen to freeze.106440
Setting up a Business Process required selection of a Project in order to select a Form template.106607
Some images, documents, or comments uploaded to Tasks weren't properly included in the Tasks grid or in exported reports.106677
Using the 'Mark all as good' feature caused some users' Forms with question tables to stop saving new entries.106785