What's New in Field View 2022 R3

The second Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2022 provides fixes to these customer-reported mobile issues.

DescriptionIssue ID
Certain users were able to add attachments to questions inside a Secure Group, despite having only View permissions.91080
Adding images to a Task or Form would sometimes cause the app to run out of memory, resulting in the app crashing.106383
Some users without View Comments permission were still able to view certain Task or Form comments on their mobile device.103786

In the coming months: Overnight Sync is rolling out

Soon we’ll be introducing a new feature that will improve project data accuracy by increasing the frequency that project data is transferred to and from mobile devices. With more up-to-date project data, you can generate more meaningful reports, and base decisions on information that reflects the current and actual state of the project.

Overnight sync will permit data on mobile devices to sync during non-working hours while the device is charging.

Users will ideally be required to spend less time and effort syncing their devices during working hours. In addition, fewer users will be forced to sync if they haven’t synced recently, reducing interruptions in their workflow.

Next release: Security Improvements will prevent use of Internet Explorer (IE)

Preserving the security and integrity of your data and of the Field View application is and will always be a top priority. Occasionally, Viewpoint's continual efforts result in a change in requirements.

Starting with the R4 release in April, you won't be able to use the IE browser to access Field View. Security upgrades applied to Field View's core components will result in their incompatibility.

If you use the IE browser for Field View, please begin now to adopt the use of a different browser before the April release. Viewpoint recommends the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.