Web Fixes

Descriptions of the web fixes planned for this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
In a few instances, use of Classic web in multiple browser tabs resulted in invalid workflow status data.88817
The project communication plan couldn't be edited by some project level users, despite having the correct permissions.88821
Actions associated with predefined answer type questions were automatically brought over when assigned to a new question.90928
Date filters were not working for Dashboard Widgets.95063
The Task grid wasn't handling British Summer Time (BST) properly, causing time stamp discrepancies between the grid and the the Task itself.98569
Form reports grouped by Created Date and sorted by Description wouldn't include images, even with the Show Images check box selected.101080
The system wouldn't save user changes to the Organisation Type field in the Edit Package window.102324
Filtering the Form S-Curve dashboard widget by the top level location caused in-progress items to be excluded.102696
Certain user actions would cause the Form detail status widget to not correctly apply filters.102735
Using Table analysis in Forms Detail analysis, and right-clicking to select View Form, the system incorrectly reported that the necessary permissions were not in place.104055
Certain scenarios caused an incorrect project ID to be assigned to the Process.104743
Portions of Analysis functionality would fail to work when the Business Unit name happened to have a trailing space.104929
Closing Process Tasks on a mobile device wasn't always properly updating the Percentage Complete view.105977
In Business Setup > Security > Roles, selecting a role occasionally resulted in a generic error.106146
The Overdue Task Count widget didn't match the number of overdue tasks as seen on the Task grid when the overdue filter was applied.106237
The presence of one or more quote characters in a Form question prevented analysis to be carried out on the question.106308
The GetTableGroup() API function wasn't returning signature text.106377
Predefined answer questions with Allow other for multi select enabled weren't properly recording the other answer in the audit trail.106393
New drawing uploads couldn't be canceled, so if an upload stalled, it became impossible to delete or move the location.106442
The Forms Issued By Month dashboard widget wouldn't correctly apply the date filter when only one month was selected.106608
The Edit Library Tasks window was incorrectly allowing multiple trades to be selected, which resulted in an error.106695
Copying a Form Template which had secure groups resulted in the permissions for that secure group also being copied.107006
Occasionally the FormAnswerLinkID displayed the ID for a signature question type rather than displaying the user's name.107154
Report exports (Forms, Tasks, Assets) to Excel converted special characters to '???'107245
Including an apostrophe in a Question title resulted in an error.107334
The system allowed creation of API tokens using the same login name as existing business user accounts, resulting in duplicate login names.107381
A certain sequence of user actions resulted in Processes being assigned even without a selection in the Issued To Org field.107576
User activity in Form Designer wasn't being picked up by the Timeout function and would prompt active users to indicate they were still active. Selecting Stay Active resulted in the user being redirected to Classic Field View.107586
The system wouldn't save user changes to the Issued By Org field.107626