What's New in Field View 2022 R5

With the fourth Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2022, we expanded the roll out of the Overnight Sync feature in preparation for a future release. Meanwhile, we continue our strategic development of features and ongoing security and stability improvements that will enhance Field View both now and in the future.

Overnight Sync is getting closer

We continue to expand the number of organisations enabled with Overnight Sync, which is designed to improve project data accuracy by increasing the frequency that data is transferred to and from mobile devices.

Once enabled, data on mobile devices will automatically sync during non-working hours if users prepared their devices for syncing. Users will spend less time and effort syncing their devices.

Timed with the release next month, we will provide more comprehensive information on how users can prepare their devices and verify whether their projects have overnight sync enabled.

Mobile App Performance Boost

We continue to make fundamental changes and improvements to the mobile application. Specifically, we're improving how the app occupies and releases memory (RAM).

Users should expect even more reliability when using the camera or other high-memory features. This also means users should see fewer app crashes and lost user sessions.