What's New in Field View 2022 R7

With the sixth Viewpoint Field View release of 2022, we made it easier for Field View users to log in to multiple Viewpoint products with only one account using single sign-on (SSO) Trimble Construction One and a PIN for mobile users. In addition, more users are being added to the overnight sync.

Trimble Construction One

Field View transitioned to a dedicated, single sign-on authentication service for logging into the platform. This Trimble Construction One ID service establishes seamless integration across other connected Viewpoint products and benefits our customers with single sign-on (SSO) and the option on Active Directory federated services for better user management. Field View users can access connected Trimble Construction One products through one integrated login email and password.

Mobile PIN

Because logging in changed because of the single sign-on, this mobile release includes the PIN feature. This allows mobile users to quickly and easily log into their account with a custom, six-digit PIN, without the need to be connected to the internet.

Add User

With the Trimble Construction One upgrade, you will no longer be able to add a business user or a project user to your business unless you issue an invitation. This is due to the security needed for the Trimble Construction One ID password and mobile PIN.

Overnight Sync

More users are able to take advantage of the overnight sync functionality. You can read more about overnight sync here.