Web Fixes

Descriptions of the web fixes in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
If document attachments have invalid file names, attempting to bulk download forms with those attachments will result in the export failing to generate.107053
When attempting to answer a calculation question after setting one of the required questions to N/A, deleting the answer and then refreshing the page will prevent the calculation from working going forward.107845
When uploading the first drawing to a location, the upload gets stuck. 107937
When filtering the created date range filter on a form or task grid, the end date is being set one day earlier than it should be.107960
Form actions can’t be raised if the selected form template has expired.108133
When copying and pasting a calculation from a previous version of a form template into a text editor and then pasting it into the Add Text box causes the calculation to Oops and become uneditable.108158
Form detail grid fails to load if a column name ends with a number or special character.108261
Users are no longer able to update the status of or make changes to tasks from the Edit Task page if they do not have access to the task’s current workflow status.108377