Web Fixes

Descriptions of the web fixes for this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Tasks are being saved under the wrong project when the device name is changed.107959
If a user's name and organisation is over a certain character length, then the signature field in a PDF report overlaps the date and time.108018
When a user without Configure Form Template permissions deactivates a question on a form template, the user will get an Access Denied error message.108226
When selecting Other and entering an answer when using table analysis, the answer displays as Other and not the entered answer.108227
Form Signature fields in a table stretch to fill the whole page in report.108288
When marking a PDA question on a form as N/A, undoing the option and attempting to answer the question again makes the form unresponsive.108346
When uploading images to forms, clicking Add Row before the Form Saved message appears will add the images to the new row instead of the intended row.108365
The session expiry timer does not take multiple browser tabs into account when logging out users.108458
When updating the task type in the project process setup, changing the task type may not update the workflow template of any currently assigned tasks. 108603