What's New in Field View 2023 R2

With the first Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2023, users can automatically download projects to their devices, making access smoother and easier. We've also added predefined answer groups templates, allowing you to quickly enter predefined answers in a template instead of one at a time. The first time you sync your projects after this release may take a little longer, but then it should return to normal. In addition, the mobile release is happening incrementally, so you may not see these features on the actual release date.

Web fixes are also available.

Mobile Auto Download

Automatically download your project when using a mobile device when the proper permissions are enabled. Instead of having to use a QR code from an administrator, download the project after logging in to your Trimble Construction One account. This feature is turned on by default for new projects but will need to be set for existing projects.

Predefined Answers Template Groups

We've included functionality to export a template to easily enter multiple answers into a predefined answers template. This will save time by being able to enter the answers all at once instead of one at a time from the group itself. You'll also be able to also enter a color and weight for the answer, along with other attributes. There’s room for up to seven tiers of answers.

Windows 11 Release on Amazon Store

With the R2 release, you’ll be able to get Field View for Windows 11 on the Amazon app store. Microsoft will no longer allow users to install Field View using Windows 8.1.

Richer Forms Template

We’ve added the ability to attach instructions, drawings, and other documents to a form template so it’s ready when the form is needed. This has the added benefit of the field user being able to view safety drawings and other required documents while offline.

Custom Variables Template

Make entering custom variables easier by using the template to enter all the variables at once. This can be used for both single or multiple columns of variables.