What's New in Field View 2023 R11

With the ninth release of Field View in 2023, we introduced the Drawings Library. Now you can update or replace many drawings at once from either Viewpoint For Projects or your local drive. In addition, you can edit calibrations when a drawing is revised in the Drawings Library, including moving and removing existing points for greater functionality and ease of use. We also made a change in the way cloning locations works. With this release, you can now clone a parent location that doesn't have any drawings. Also, now in mobile, you can move a form pin. Previously, you could only move a task pin. Other updates for this release include moving the notification communication plan to New Web and a new cultural option to translate invitations and invitation screens into the selected language.

Watch a video overview of what's new in Field View R11.

Drawings Library

The newly-created drawings library that contains all your drawings for the enterprise. From here, you can quickly upload drawings from your computer or from VFP, and use those drawings in as many projects as needed. At the moment, each drawing needs to be uploaded and assigned to projects separately.

It's now easier to upload revisions to the drawings, and you have the ability to decide if your project needs the newest change. We also implemented a revision version field, so you can keep track of the changes from drawing to drawing.

Future phases of the Drawings Library include bulk uploads and bulk assignments, and description information from VFP automatically populating the description field in Field View.

Clone Location

Cloning the drawings at a location has expanded to include the parent level. Before, you could only clone at a drawing level, which only clones the structure and calibrations from the drawing and below. With this release, you can clone at the parent level where there is no drawing, and you have the option to add both drawings and calibrations.


The new calibrations functionality allows much more flexibility when using calibrations on your drawings. You can make changes to calibration points without the need to delete the calibration and start over.

This new method will allow you to move and delete single points and add calibration points to your drawing. This will work for both polygon and rectangular calibrations.

Communication Plan

The project communication plan has moved from classic Field View to New Web. It’s been reorganised into categories for ease of use.

The new project Notification Preferences section includes ways to manage the notifications for yourself, people, organisations, and the packages added to the project. The Notification History keeps track of what notifications were sent and when, and to what email addresses. You'll also be able to resend notifications.

Invitations Culture Option

The new Culture option will translate Field View invitations and invitation screens into the selected language, bringing a new language experience to different markets in the European Union.

Removal From Classic Web

We’ll be spending time moving features that appear in Classic Field View into New Field View in preparation for ending use of Classic Field View.

Completed work for this release includes:
  • Task reference links leading to task information reports to new web.
  • Removing task reports that have already been moved to new web.
Upcoming work includes:
  • Moving form tasks and processes. This is currently scheduled for R2 2024.
  • Removing communication plan. This is currently scheduled for R2 2024.