What's New in Field View 2023 R8

With the seventh Viewpoint Field View™ release of 2023, we’re working behind the scenes to bring you a smoother user experience and updated security protections. We’re also making it easier to calculate answers that use custom fields.

Auto Calculate Custom Variables in Mobile

When you load a form that has calculations using Custom Fields, Field View now calculates the answer automatically. You no longer have to click Calculate on every single answer. The Calculate button will still be available if needed.

Scheduled Removal from Classic Field View

We’ll be spending time moving features that appear in Classic Field View into New Field View in preparation for ending use of Classic Field View. Upcoming work includes:

  • Adding task reference links leading to task information reports in the new web experience. This is currently scheduled for 2023 R10.

  • Removing task reports. This is currently scheduled for 2023 R10.
  • Moving form tasks and processes.This is currently scheduled for 2023 R10.